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Is your ministry greater than God's purpose

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Jesus is not here to build your ministry, He is here to build His Church.

No work we do should blind us from that main purpose of God.

I always used to pray for my ministry to grow, grow, grow! Day and night this was my prayer and I was doing alot to make that happen. This in itself is not bad but I had to realise my intentions for seeking my ministry to grow. Was it for self satisfaction, self glory, praise from men? Of course! So understanding the above statement allowed me to step back abit and realise that God has a plan and purpose for the whole world and not just me and He can use anything and anyone to achieve His divine plan; it's not about me. Yes, His grace allows me to be part of this plan but I cannot mistake this and forget my place or His place.

Topic starter Posted : 02/05/2020 8:47 am
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