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Prayer for....

Those who are sick

Those who have lost loved ones

Those who have lost jobs and businesses

Those who are in the frontline looking after the sick

Those who are losing hope and faith

For this situation to be turn out for our good!

Topic starter Posted : 21/04/2020 8:36 am
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I found this wonderful prayer and thought I'd share it here:

God, today we rejoice in Your Sovereignty. We choose to remember that You are in control and no virus, flu, or illness can enter our lives without Your Divine permission. You alone hold the power of life and death.

We pray for those who have been affected and will be affected by Coronavirus. We ask for complete healing over their bodies and continual peace over their hearts and minds. We ask for speedy recoveries and a return to full-strength.

We pray for those who are working in the medical profession right now. These healers are certainly close to Your heart. Please, protect them from this awful disease. Comfort them as they comfort others. Encourage them in the middle of the battle and remind them that You are near.

Just as You have full control over every virus, Father, we ask You to stop this one. Hasten the development of vaccines or another cure. Let no more lives be lost to this deadly disease.

Finally, God, we pray for those who have lost or will lose loved ones to the Coronavirus. Walk with these precious souls. Let us be compassionate, quick to grieve with those who are grieving, sharing their sorrows, and comforting them in their affliction.

Thank You for all You’ve done. Thank You for staying in control, even when the world feels chaotic and scary. Turn our eyes to You in these moments. Keep our gazes fixed on the Cross. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Posted : 26/04/2020 1:30 pm
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A resounding Amen

Posted : 28/04/2020 2:59 pm